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We are renowned for our engaging, interactive style of teaching, where no question is a bad one, and critical thinking and discussion are encouraged.  As qualified, practising Firefighters, Greg’s team impart their knowledge garnered from first-hand experiences, not from text books.

Worker, Inspector or engineer is checking and inspecting the building or house by using ch


As of January 2023, all fire doors must legally be checked and signed off as fit for purpose every three months.

Whilst we would be delighted to conduct these interim inspections if required, a more cost-effective option is to have selected members of your team trained to conduct these for you.


Our comprehensive, three-day First Aid training course is certified, fully accredited and fully insured.

Our team’s career in the fire service spans over 50 years, equipping us with a wealth of first-hand trauma care knowledge and real-life experience. This is reflected in both the teaching style and the detail of the course content, which covers topics ranging from physiology to trauma, and advanced life support using a defibrillator.

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This course is a one-day alternative to our more extensive First Aid training course. It is appropriate as a yearly refresher for first-aid trained members of the team, and an excellent option for people who would like to have a basic understanding of first aid at home and in the workplace.


The law requires every workplace to have the appropriate number of competent fire marshals to enable a successful evacuation in the event of a fire. We are very happy to advise on how many your business needs.

This half day course trains on the navigation of fire risk mitigation, planning evacuations and extinguisher usage as well as understanding human behaviour in an emergency situation, record keeping and team planning.​

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It is recommended that your staff are trained on how to use fire extinguishers in an emergency situation.

This highly engaging, interactive two-hour course can be taken on its own, but is included as part of the Fire Marshal training. We will guide your team on how to effectively and confidently use the correct extinguisher, dependent on the nature and source of the fire.

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